Master Gardener Stars

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Master Gardener of the
Summer Quarter:
Ray Montez

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Master Gardener Certification Stars
The following MGs have completed at least 6 hours of Continuing Education, attended at least 2 BCMG Monthly Meetings and have logged at least 30 Volunteer Hours to earn their 2023 Certification:

2023 Service Award Pin: Moy Hibiscus

Benavides, Liana
Bills, Terri L
Black, Nancy L
Butterworth, Leslie K
Cace, Linda
Cennamo, Mary F
Conrad, Shirley
Cox, Lynn
El-Amin, Kathann
Emery, Grace E
Fellows, Nora
Ferguson, Jerry V
Fernandez, Mary A
Gardner, Karen

Glaser, Terry
Hobbs, Michelle
Holland-Adams, Sara V
Keiser, Owen
Keller, Jo
Kellogg, Lou
Knight, James R
Lanford, Muriel R
LeBlanc, Marie
Lee, Ronald (Butch) A
Liu, Ling Yin
Lutz, Barbara B
Marshall, Tera
Matthews, Matt

Updated 07/11/2022

Mills, Nancy A
Moss, Anne
Noverola, Jorge
Perkins, Marvin
Qualls, Peggy
Quiroz, Oralia-Layla
Simpson, Patricia A
Stramer, Melody
Swantner, William
Tourtellot, Cyndi
Vazquez, Arthur L
Warren, Judy
Woodall, Sandra S

Bexar County Master Gardener of the Year for 2021

Read about Grace and her BCMG work HERE.
You can also read the Award Submission which resulted in her recognition as Outstanding Individual Master Gardener at the 2021 TMGA Search for Excellence Awards ceremony.

Texas Master Gardener Association
2021 Search for Excellence Awards

Outstanding Educational Program
Second Place
2021 Fall Youth Garden Educator Training

Outstanding Project
First Place
Culinary Docent Program

Outstanding Written Education
Second Place
BCMG Facebook Page

Marva E. Beck JMG Leader of the Year
Sayako Seymour , CEP Ext Agent 4-H Youth Development

Outstanding Individual Master Gardener
First Place
Grace Emery

Outstanding Youth Program
First Place
Virtual Learn, Grow, Eat & Go

Outstanding Master Gardener Association
Second Place
Bexar County Master Gardeners

Outstanding Research
Third Place
2021 Bexar County Tomato Trials

2021 Master Gardener Service Awards

30 Years
Carl Lahser
Carlos Ortiz

25 Years
Nora Richards
Pat Kempf

20 Years
Lynn Cox
Ann Marie Pease
Ruth Rea

15 Years
Ann Marie Caldwell
Marlyn Franks
Glenda Haynes
Sara Holland-Adams
Donna Kadilis
Helois Laiche
Mile Lyle
John Mayer
Sherri McShane
Brigid Oman
Sharon Pirttima
Debra Reasor
Laura Rogers
Melanie Short
Michael Srozynski
Ann Vargas

10 Years
Lucille Almaguer
Nancy Black
Paul Foerster
Carolyn C. Martin
Mary Newsom
Gloria Ortiz
John Sells
Mary Valdez
Richard Valdez
Jane Whitaker

5 Years
Earl Bullock, Jr.
Brenda Burell
Betty Butler
Grace Emery
Olivia Gutierrez
Anna Rascoe
Jennifer Sierra
Linda Sierra