ALL Hands Needed!

Rodeo is an excellent time to get those volunteer hours!

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Waiver and Release Requirements

Everyone will need to have the following 3 documents signed to volunteer at the Rodeo:

1. Release and Indemnification Agreement Form for S.A.L.E.

Print out the double-side. Form does not need to be notarized.

2. Release form for Peterson’s Brothers Nursery

Signature must be witnessed by BCMG Board Member, BCMG Office Manager, or Youth Garden Coordinator
(BCMG Policy B-6)

3. BCMG Release and Waiver (to use the shuttle)

Signature must be witnessed by BCMG Board Member, BCMG Office Manager, or Youth Garden Coordinator
(BCMG Policy B-6)

Deadline: Thursday, January 20, 2022

Blank forms will be available at the January 20 General Meeting.

Forms can be dropped-off at the Extension Office front desk, BCMG Office, at the January General Meeting, or returned by mail:

3355 Cherry Ridge, Ste. 208
San Antonio, TX 78230

2020 Cashier Training

All MGs who will be serving as a cashier for any 2022 event (not just Rodeo) must attend a Cashier Training session.

Friday, January 29, 10 am – 12 pm
Saturday, January 30, 10 am – 12 pm

All are welcome!
Please sign-up on the VMS General Events Calendar

Location: Extension Large Classroom, 3355 Cherry Ridge St., SA, TX, 78230

(2 VH, Code 400, Description: Cashier Training)

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed to help build the Little Buckaroo Farm’s garden displays, plant sale booth, and youth garden areas. Please wear closed toe shoes, comfortable clothes, and gloves. Volunteers will be building, working with power tools, and moving mulch.

During landscaping, volunteers will unload plants from the delivery truck, place plants to decorate the displays, and putting on some final touches to make the displays beautiful.

Jan ? – Feb 9 8:00 am – Noon
To volunteer, please contact Lou Kellogg

Lunch may be provided during the construction and landscaping days. If so, volunteers will be needed to prepare dishes and provide assistance with this very appreciated endeavor!
We are not currently soliciting volunteers at this time. Please check back at a later date.
Thank you!

Shuttle services for MG volunteers are provided every day of Rodeo.
Thus, drivers are needed to drive the shuttle between the Rodeo grounds and the Peterson Bros. Wholesale Nursery parking lot. Your valid TDL# will be needed.
To volunteer, or serve as a substitute, please contact Brian Roach.

Job Descriptions:

  • Shift Coordinator (1 needed per shift)
    • Must attend cashier training
    • Responsible for overall execution of the shift
    • Takes the start & ending inventory
    • Serves as Assistant Cashier
    • Covers Cashier position if needed
  • Cashier (1 needed per shift)
    • Must attend cashier training
    • Is responsible for card and cash transactions
    • Completes shift reconciliation
    • Prepares and secures shift envelope
    • Sends email verification of shift envelop info
  • Booth Volunteer (1 needed per shift on Mon-Thurs, 2 needed per shift on Fri-Sun & President’s Day – 2/21)
    • Promotes sales and answers gardening questions.
    • Is familiar with all plants in the sale, especially the Rodeo Tomato!
    • Assists customers through sales transactions
    • Keeps plants groomed, watered (as needed) and stocked
    • Keeps plant sale area clean and attractive

To volunteer, sign up on one of the three VMS Rodeo Calendars: Shift Coordinator, Cashier, Booth Volunteer

If you have any questions, please email

Approximately 10-15 volunteers needed each day.
These last few days will be the time to take down exhibits and neatly pack them away, shovel out the mulch, and break down any large displays. Please wear comfortable clothes, gloves, and closed toe shoes.

Feb 28-Mar 1 Monday-Tuesday 8:00-Noon

To volunteer, please contact Lou Kellogg.

Parking Directions

  • During Rodeo, Master Gardener volunteers should park at Peterson Bros. Nursery on 1630 Creekview Drive, SA, TX 78219. Park at the far end of the Peterson parking lot to leave room for customers and their trucks to navigate the large gates easily.
  • The Shuttle’s daily first run begins:

    A half-hour before the first shift.
Returning volunteers must catch the shuttle outside the gate.
Due to shuttle’s space limitations you may have to wait several hours for a return trip if you stay past your shift to visit the rodeo.

  • Only BCMG shift workers can ride the shuttle.
  • Be Careful Driving on Creekview Drive as the Rodeo is using the private parking lot at the end of Creekview Drive for parking horse and cattle trailers (as they did last time). Sometimes there are speeding pick-ups on Creekview going to and from that parking lot.
  • Volunteers should plan on arriving early due to delays caused by traffic congestion, especially on weekends.

Cashier Training Slides and Rodeo Tomato Info Guide

Please read and be familiar with the following:

Cashier Training Slides

Rodeo Tomato – ?
Info Guide